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Specna Arms SA-C22 CORE™ HAL ETU™ Chaos Bronze ASG Carbine

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The SA-C22 CORE™ HAL carbine replica

Specna Arms presents the CORE™ line with the HAL system™
The trigger control system aids in the operation of the replica, and allows programming of functions easily using the trigger and selector.

Features of the HAL™ system:
-trigger sensing based on magnetic sensors and Hall effect
-active brake
-binary trigger
-adjustable trigger sensitivity (5 levels from 20 to 100%)
-adjustable pre-cocking (6 levels)
-programmable AUTO fire modes (full auto, semi, 3-rd burst, 5-rd burst)
-programmable SEMI fire modes (semi, binary, AUG, sniper)
-easy programming via trigger
-low battery alarm
-compatible with brushless motors

**The AUTO function fires the 3 round burst first then fires Full Auto.

The body, the slide along with the battery housing the enlarged SF-type stock, the front grip as well as the pistol grip are manufactured from nylon fibre-reinforced polymer plastic. Other components such as the barrel, flame suppressor, enlarged reloading handle and tactical sling assembly have been made of metal (all screws, pins, shell ejection window and dummy lock are made of steel). Markings and serial number have been applied to the barrel.

The rifle has been very well-fitted the user will not experience any play between the lower and upper parts of the body. The use of a body made of lightweight plastic has allowed for a reduction in weight, making it ideal for dynamic games or long milslims. What’s more, the fibreglass reinforcement also makes the body more durable than polymer and metal bodies.

The replica uses the quick-change spring system, ESA™. This allows quick and efficient adjustment of the replica’s power to the conditions expected on the field of play without the need for access to a workshop or a number of specialised tools – simply unscrew the stock guide to reveal access to exchange the spring without having to pull out, or disassemble the gearbox.

The advantages of the system ESA™ are difficult to overestimate. In light of the arrangements that exist within the environments themselves, the system guarantees the user considerable possibilities and a great deal of freedom. The ESA™ system allows minimal time to replace the mainspring and thus adapt the replica’s discharge velocity to the area of play so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of the fire and the safety of oneself and other players.

The replica has been fully adapted to work with battery types LiPo and LiFe. With a base initial discharge velocity of around ~380 FPS guaranteed by the pre-installed mainspring, the replica is perfectly suited for medium range operations. An M90-type spring is also included, which allows to reduce the initial velocity to ~310 FPS thus making the replica perfectly suited for short-range or indoor operations.

The gearbox conceals 8-millimetre slide bearings and the supported steel gears mounted on them. The system is secured by four anti-reverse pawls. The lightweight, polycarbonate plastic piston is fitted with a full steel bar increasing its strength. It also uses type 2 cylinder and a steel cut-off lever. The strength of the part allows it to work with M140 springs.

The finely crafted Rotary Hop-Up chamber works perfectly with the high-quality 6.03mm precision barrel. The use of a precision barrel has a positive effect on the range and accuracy of the replica. It is important to remember to use high quality 6mm ammunition.

The replica is equipped with a 22mm dorsal RIS rail and an adjustable buttstock. On the upper RIS rail, a classic transport grip has been fitted along with a sight. Thanks to an extendable buttstock finished with a non-slip footplate, it is possible to adjust the length of the replica to the shooter’s build and preferences. The standard flame silencer is mounted on a 14-millimetre left-hand thread, which makes it possible to attach a sound silencer in its place.

The kit includes a hi-cap S-MAG magazine with a capacity of up to 380 rounds. The S-MAG is an exclusive polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. What draws attention is the distinctive texture composed of Specna Arms logos. The S-mag ensures trouble-free ball feeding, even at high ROF.

Package include:

S-Mag Hi-Cap Magazine
QC certificate
M90 additional spring
Package exclude:

The set does not include the battery nor charger
Battery included
Bearings diameter [mm]
Product length [cm]
Product weight [g]
Power supply
Muzzle velocity [FPS]
Fire mode
Gearbox version
Gearbox v2
Inner barrel length [mm].
Length minimal [mm]
Magazine capacity [pcs.]
Specna Arms Line
Quick Spring Change system
Type of plug
DEANS / T-connect
Type of thread on the barrel
14mm CCW

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